Troy Barnes

"The biggest turning point for me was succeeding at VIU Powell River ... and gaining the confidence to find my voice in the classroom."

Troy encourages all student to take their first year of university in Powell River, to study at home in small classess with supportive professors and peers: it's such a good way to save money and really develop.

Brooks graduate Troy Barnes (Klahoose Nation) completed his BA in first nations Studies, with a minor in History, at VIU Nanaimo.

A Tale of Two Brothers

Two borhters Taiga and Taku Ball

When twin brothers Taiga and Taku Ball graduated from Brooks Secondary, they both knew that they wanted to go to university, but their paths diverged the following September.  Although the journey they took through their first year after high school was quite different, their paths have now converged: they are moving on to the Bachelor of Education program at VIU Nanaimo with a head start on their electives and Canadian Studies courses after studying at VIU’s Powell River Campus.

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Virtual learning experience creates unique opportunity for Shauna Andrews

Shauna Andrews

In the upcoming academic year, Shauna Andrews will earn a university degree entirely through Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) Powell River campus. With thousands of Canadians receiving post-secondary degrees every year, Andrews’ accomplishment would not be especially notable if not for the fact that she will become the first VIU student to graduate from the local campus without leaving Powell River.

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Kim Lehmann

As I look back over the past few years I find myself grateful for many things, but there are a few that really stand out. I had an experience while at work as a paramedic that was to change my life: trauma. This word holds various degrees of meaning in our society. For me it meant a dramatic life alteration while fighting to hold onto who I was. Anyone who has experienced trauma knows how this fight is likened to fighting invisible ghosts in the deepest of darkness. I found myself reaching for any lifeline I could while sinking like the Titanic. The trauma experience was significant, but looking back, the experiences that followed were even more powerful.

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Powell River Kings Hockey Team

Carter Turnbull

“Everyone was very flexible around our hockey schedule.  Teachers were awesome.  If we had to miss classes, they’d send us the work we missed.  They were very flexible and even rescheduled an exam for us to write in Nanaimo.  I plan on going to university to be a chiropractor so it was good to get a couple of prerequisites out of the way so I have more time for hockey and spend less time studying.   Powell River is beautiful and everyone is so nice.”



Cameron Donaldson

“I had a hectic schedule for hockey.  The classes fit pretty well around my schedule.  The teachers were very experienced.  My writing wasn’t good going into the English class but the teacher was really good and gave me extra help.  Powell River was a change for me as I lived in big cities all my life.  Being around the ocean was really nice and a lot of fun.”



Ian Ross

"Taking courses at VIU during the hockey season was an awesome opportunity for me to further my schooling with the convenience of being so close to campus. The instructors had no problem accommodating our schedule and worked with us to make the process as easy as possible. Having these transferable credentials allows me to ease my course load when I attend university full time."



Tristan Mullin

"Being able to take courses while in Powell River lightened my course load for university over the next four years. Took the pressure off.  People were super helpful at the PR campus and friendly.  Instructors were very accommodating.  They moved my schedule around when necessary.  Powell River is a beautiful place and I love it here."

I Study Here Contest Winners

Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson

"Growing up, I always loved learning and being at school. School was always my happy place. When I graduated from Brooks Secondary School, I was worried; I no longer had my happy place anymore. I decided to take a year off from school to work and (try to) save money. A year turned into two, and I could no longer stand not being in some sort of learning environment. 

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Nathaniel Baptiste

Nathaniel Baptiste

"During my time at the VIU Carpentry program, I learned right from the beginning that the successful are those who don't only dream of success, they work hard to achieve it.  Even with my miniscule carpentry experience, the amazing program and awesome staff helped shed the light for me and I found the course to be very informative as well as a good time! My photo submission is the biggest project that my partner and I have completed this year alongside several of my other classmates’ building projects."