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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services provides information, support services and reasonable accommodation to students with documented permanent and temporary disabilities, such as mental health conditions, ADHD, learning disabilities, chronic health issues, hearing and visual impairments, physical disabilities and temporary impairments due to accident, illness or injury. All students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the office. Access to most services and programs provided by Accessibility Services is restricted to students who have registered with Accessibility Services.

Accessibility Services are available face to face, by telephone, email, and Zoom. To book an appointment, email PR.StudentServices@viu.ca or call 604.485.8041.  Please provide your full name, phone number, student number (if applicable), and your preferred way for us to contact you.  You will be contacted by an access specialist to set up an appointment.

See an Accessibility Issue on Campus

Please let us know if you encounter any physical barriers (e.g. an out of order elevator, power door opener, construction blocking a path, etc.) at any of the VIU campuses.

Report an Access Issue