Automotive students need vehicles to work on!

Get your vehicle repaired or serviced at our Auto Shop and help students in our one-year Automotive Service Technician Foundation Certificate Program. If your vehicle is no older than 15 years, our students would love  to get to work on it. 

From September to June, The VIU tiwšɛmawtxw Auto Shop offers:

  • 64-point check and oil change
  • brake inspection and repairs
  • steering and suspension inspection and repairs
  • diagnostic scan
  • maintenance and tune-ups
  • tire rotations

All work is supervised and inspected by the program Instructor, a highly trained journeyperson automotive technician. Book your appointment today!

Phone: 604.485.8037
Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm
VIU tiwšɛmawtxʷ campus:  101-7085 Nootka Street

  • 64-point check: $20.00
  • oil change: $20:00 flat fee + parts
  • all other work: $20:00 per hour plus parts

  • We require payment in full when you pick up your vehicle
  • We accept debit or credit card.
  • Service fees may be charged.
  • We order the parts required for vehicle servicing from local parts stores. We will not order or supply used parts

  • All work is inspected by an instructor, a highly trained Journeyperson Automotive Technician.
  • Any safety related work such as brakes or steering, will be road tested by the student or students who worked on the vehicle AND an instructor or shop technician.
  • Your feedback helps us evaluate our students. Please let us know how we did.

  • As with all automotive repair facilities, there are times when we are unable to fully repair a vehicle. We are not obligated to re-admit a vehicle to our shop because it was not fully fixed on its first visit.
  • The work is performed by students in training. We charge a nominal fee of $20.00 per hour.
  • If the warrant request fits within our current program curriculum, we may “short list” your vehicle into that program.
  • We will always make every effort to accommodate you.
  • If the vehicle requires immediate repair, we recommend it be repaired at your own cost at a commercial repair facility.

We recommend that all customers of the VIU tiwšɛmawtxw Auto Shop read the following Customer Service Agreement.

You must sign a Work Order acknowledging agreement with our service procedures prior to any work being carried out by our students.

By signing a work order with VIU tiwšɛmawtxw Auto Shop I acknowledge the following service procedures:

  1. I understand that I will be providing my vehicle for student training purposes.
  2. I understand that the job may take considerably longer than it would at a regular automotive repair facility.
  3. I will not hold VIU Auto Shop to any verbal time estimate that may be made at the start of a job.
  4. I realize that only work that meets requirements for curriculum will be done on my vehicle. An instructor or shop technician will decide what work will be performed.
  5. I am aware that my vehicle may be used for an instructor led demonstration of a particular component, system or diagnostic routine.
  6. My vehicle will be repaired as a result of diagnoses performed at VIU Auto Shop. I understand that I cannot order repairs that are based on my own diagnoses.
  7. My vehicle is privately owned, not commercially licensed, and not a fleet vehicle. I am not selling this vehicle or component for profit.
  8. I will not hold the VIU Auto Shop responsible for any theft or damage that occurs outside of scheduled classes.
  9. I will not hold VIU Auto Shop to any verbal cost estimate.
  10. I understand that VIU Auto Shop is not responsible for storing my vehicle after work has been completed, and that my vehicle may be disposed of if left without permission for more than 30 days after the work is completed.

Become an automotive service technician

Our Automotive Service Technician Foundation Certificate is a 10-month program that prepares you for a career in the automotive repair trade

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