Trades and Applied Technology

Automotive Service Technician - Foundation Level 1

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This full-time comprehensive program is designed to prepare students for a career in the Automotive Repair trade. The program is taught through daily lectures, seminars and demonstrations of current servicing techniques, (approximately 40% theory) as well as extensive practical training in a functioning, automotive shop setting (approximately 60% hands-on).

Carpentry - Foundation Level 1

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This entry level trades training prepares students for apprenticeship in the building construction trade. Students learn the basics of carpentry. The program combines theory with lots of hands-on learning. It includes 4 weeks of work placement.

Carpentry - Apprenticeship Level 2

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If you have your Level 1 Carpentry, you can get your Level 2 Carpentry without leaving home! 

Apprentices work as apprentice carpenters and come to Vancouver Island University for 7 weeks for technical training. Approximately 80% of the training is done on-the-job and 20% is in-school technical training. To become certified, an apprentice must complete on-the-job experience, successfully pass all in-school technical training, and pass the Standard Level Exam (SLE) and the Inter-Provincial Examination with a 70% or greater.

Culinary Arts - Apprenticeship Level 1

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This program is designed to train students for a career in professional cooking. Course content includes the preparation of meat, poultry, soup, salads, sauces, seafood, fruit and desserts. Students set up and operate a restaurant and cafeteria that provides regular lunches and caters many special events.

Culinary Arts - Apprenticeship Level 2

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The Professional Cook 2 (PC2) is a 14-week program for students who have completed the Professional Cook 1 certificate or equivalent (ACE-IT Cook Training or PC1 which has been certified by ITA or other cross country equivalent). After completing the Professional Cook 2 (PC2) program graduate students receive a Culinary Arts Certificate.

Hairstyling Apprenticeship in partnership with SD47

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The VIU Hairstyling program provides students with high quality education in the art and science of Hairstyling at the foundation level.