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WEST - Workplace Essential Skills and Training Certificate

Let's unlock your potential together!

WEST is not just a program. It's an inclusive, supportive community. The WEST program is for neurodiverse learners with developmental, cognitive and learning disabilities. In this program you develop the skills to get and keep employment. You work on vocational, academic, work and essential life skills. Best of all, our instructors and work site trainers guide you every step of the way.

Our goal is for you to gain skills necessary to foster personal growth and independence including confidence, self-awareness and enhanced communication.

The WEST Program is offered in-person at the tiwšɛmawtxw campus.

Upcoming WEST deliveries

  • WEST Year 1 (Modules 1,2,3) September 2024 to June 2025
  • WEST Year 2 (Modules tbd) September 2025 to June 2026

Course content

You spend three days per week on campus and two days per week off campus in hands-on, work-related activities that introduce you to job-related skills. Work site training will happen at various locations in the qathet Region. In these settings, you learn positive work habits for entry-level work areas such as retail, janitorial, horticultural and food preparation. These work site training experiences take place in the second semester of WEST Year 1.

  • You must be at least 17 years of age and out of high school for at least one year, or you must have completed high school.
  • You must be able to attend classes and practicum independently.
  • You must have a diagnosis or history that identifies a difficulty with learning or a documented disability
  • You must be able to do program related tasks with strength and endurance.

Notes on Admission

A criminal record check may be required for some modules. An interview will be required to ensure suitability for entrance into the program.

  1. Call the program coordinator at 604-485-8028 to discuss your interests.
  2. Arrange to visit our classroom to see how classes are structured.
  3. Complete an application form and obtain your “Permission to Register.”
  4. Take your form to Registration and get registered. You must pay an application fee at this time.

Domestic fees

Tuition and other mandatory student fees

When you apply to the program, you will be charged a non-refundable application fee.

When you apply to graduate, you will be charged a non-refundable graduation and alumni fee.

Some courses have additional fees to pay for class–related expenses.

Financial assistance is available

Funding is available for students with financial needs. Contact our Financial Aid & Awards office for more information. 

Contact Financial Aid & Awards

Further information

For more information please contact Susan Lines, Program Coordinator contact an Advisor at Student Services or visit us on campus at 7085 Nootka Street.

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