tiwsemawtx campus Powell River

Indigenous Student Support

Vancouver Island University is committed to Indigenous Learners. We have a province-wide reputation for responding to the educational and community development needs of Indigenous communities and their learners.

At Vancouver Island University

  • We have Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  • We have a strong commitment to Indigenous education
  • Our Student Services department provides information, support and referrals to assist Indigenous learners
  • Our Elder-in-Residence offers support to faculty, staff, and most importantly, to students

At the tiwšɛmawtxʷ Campus you will find

  • A welcoming and encouraging atmosphere
  • A campus that provides a necessary starting point for many Indigenous learners, at any level
  • An easily accessible, friendly and supportive environment
  • The Gathering Place - A safe and welcoming space for First Nations, Status, Non-Status, Métis, and Inuit students

We listen to and provide support to students with academic and/or personal concerns. To make an appointment with one of our student services staff, phone 604.485.2878 email PR.StudentAffairs@viu.ca.