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ElderCollege Courses Fall 2023

Those under 50 can register to attend any class for an additional fee of $20 + GST.

This course has been created to encourage activity for those 50+ while having a lot of fun.

Wed, Oc.t 4 to Nov. 8 (lessons) and Fri, Oct. 6 to Nov. 10 (game days) from 10 am - 12 pm

Pickleball requires both a soft and a hard-hitting game. Gherkin Pickleball teaches the soft side of pickleball with the motto Placement Over Power. After the six-week course, players can continue to play the soft game with the Gherkins, or they can take advantage of the follow-up opportunities that will help them transition to the harder-hitting game. Either way, Gherkin Pickleball is a fun way to start your pickleball endeavors.

This course has been designed for those who want to try pickleball for the very first time to see what all the excitement is about with this fastest growing sport in the qathet region and beyond.

All you need is to show up with a pair of sport shoes and comfortable clothing so you can move freely. Don’t forget your water bottle! We provide all the rest!

Game Days

They are part of the course and we will start week one. Game days bring the Wednesday lessons to life! A mini-tournament will take place on the last Friday, November 10 as a way to end the course.

VIU – tiwšɛmawtxʷ Campus would like to thank the Gherkins as they are not only volunteering their hours, but also supplying the nets, paddles and balls to help subsidize the cost of this course.

Course Code: ELDP 001 F23R70

Instructors: The Gherkins

6 sessions and 6 game days
$27 + GST for the sessions and a small $2 drop-in fee for each game day

Seats limited to 8 participants
Location: on-campus

Register for Gherkin Pickleball for Seniors and Senioras

Tues and Thurs, Oct. 10 to Dec. 14, from 2 - 3 pm

Mindfulness is being fully present in the here and now, not distracted or overwhelmed by what is happening around us. It is the quality of remembering used in meditation to keep the mind focused. Meditation benefits both mind and body. Stress, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, PTSD and substance abuse are some of the conditions it can benefit. Meditation requires no particular philosophy although some philosophies can be helpful.

Develop better focus and concentration with less emotional turmoil, greater creativity and enhanced self-awareness. Learn about different forms of meditation and mindfulness with an emphasis on personal development. The class is centered on the meditation practices of Tranquility (Jhana) and Insight (Vipassana).

Wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing and bring a cushion if you want to sit on the floor. A textbook is available for free at Powell River Brain Injury Society titled The Mystic Quest by Anonymous Monkey: a pdf file can be found and downloaded from  the Brain Injury Society (from the top menu go to Information, then Books). Other file formats such as Kindle, ePub and TXT are available at Free-Ebooks. The textbook is optional but recommended if students want a deeper understanding of the subjects.    

Instructor Glen Pavlick was a Theravada Buddhist monk who studied in Thailand and has benefited greatly from having meditated. Teaching meditation is his priority and helping others is part of his spiritual practice.

Course Code: ELDP 015 F23R70

Instructor: Glen Pavlick

20 sessions
Fee: $65 + GST

Location: on-campus
Those under 50 can register for an additional fee of $20 + GST to attend this class

Register for Mindfulness and Meditation

Thurs, Sept. 28 and Oct. 5 from 9 - 10:30 am

Together, we reconnect to the beauty and simplicity of the natural world and tune into our own state of being. Guided forest therapy walks involve an introduction to the practice and an overview of what the walk entails, present-moment awareness of the body and the senses, connection with nature through a series of invitations, opportunities for sharing and reflection, and a closing circle to gather and share. Walks can be tailored for individuals, groups or families, and are based on your accessibility needs.

Emily Gambling is an Occupational Therapist, a certified Forest Therapy Guide, and a mindfulness facilitator. She is passionate about health promotion and about providing high quality holistic care. Emily believes that her clients are experts in themselves and she takes a collaborative approach in integrating her professional expertise with an individual’s lived experiences in a trauma-informed approach. Emily has a keen interest in mental health and nature-based therapy and she strives to educate and empower her clients to live full and meaningful lives. She loves guiding Forest Therapy and this practice is dear to her heart. She is excited to share this practice with others and show appreciation for the beautiful lands in qathet and the traditional territory of the Tla'amin Nation.

Course Code: ELDP 019 F23X70

Instructor: Emily Gambling

2 sessions
Fee: $22 + GST

Location: off-campus
Those under 50 can register for an additional fee of $20 + GST to attend this class

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Wed, Sept. 27 from 1 - 3 pm

Discover with Regina, the instructor, the beauty of Filipino food! Pancit Molo is a delicious wonton soup dish. Pancit is the Filipino term for noodles, and the noodles in this case are the wonton wrappers. The filling of the wontons is composed of ground pork, ginger, garlic and onion, and the soup is composed of chicken broth, broccoli and carrots. We will also make a quick and easy chicken fried rice using brown rice, mixed veggies, garlic and onions. Please bring an apron and plastic containers.

Regina Manuel moved to Powell River from Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2017. Regina is currently working at Inclusion Powell River, and she has had the pleasure to be involved in different types of volunteer work since she arrived in Canada in 2012. Regina was born and raised in the Philippines and is a mom of a 2-year-old girl.

Course Code: ELDP 016 F23X70

Instructor: Regina Manuel

1 session
Fee: $17 + $15 lab fee + GST

Those under 50 can register for an additional fee of $20 + GST to attend this class
Location: Cranberry Seniors Centre
Seats are limited

Register for Pancit Molo and Chicken Fried Rice from the Philippines

Tues, Sept. 26 from 10 am - 12 pm

Stir-fried rice noodles have been around for a very long time in East Asia. Pad Thai is a fairly recent adaptation of that genre. It is a very popular street food in Thailand both with locals and tourists. We will be making what I consider to be the classic Pad Thai. The ingredients we will use are rice noodles, eggs, tofu, dried shrimps, garlic, shallot, salted turnip, roasted ground peanuts, chives, prawns, and Pad Thai sauce. The sauce is made from tamarind juice, palm sugar and fish sauce. Pad Thai is served with banana flower, bean sprout and a lime wedge. Please bring an apron and plastic containers.

Rachaya Varayothin was born in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to Powell River in 2021. Rachaya has always loved to cook, and her friends and family have been the lucky recipients. Her specialty is to cook Thai dishes as close to the original style as possible.

Course Code: ELDP 017 F23X70

Instructor: Rachaya Varayothin

1 session
Fee: $17 + $15 lab fee + GST

Those under 50 can register for an additional fee of $20 + GST to attend this class
Location: Cranberry Seniors Centre
Seats are limited

Register for Thai Food: Pad Thai

Sat, Oct. 21 from 1:30 - 3:30 pm

Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) is a hot, steaming, delicious Korean dish traditionally consumed on the hottest days of summer. It is made with a small chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng, garlic and jujube. The soup is normally prepared for one with the small chicken uncut, but it can easily be divided into two servings. If you want to follow Korean tradition, you have to commit to eating a whole chicken all by yourself when you sit down for a bowl of samgyetang, but it is totally worth it! Please bring an apron and plastic containers.

JungHwa (Elise) Kim was born in South Korea and moved to Powell River in 2019. Elise enjoys sharing her passion for Korean culture, including cooking. 

Course Code: ELDP 018 F23X70

Instructor: JungHwa (Elise) Kim

1 session
Fee: $17 + $22 lab fee + GST

Those under 50 can register for an additional fee of $20 + GST to attend this class
Location: Cranberry Seniors Centre
Seats are limited

Register for a Taste of Korea: Samgyetang