Dual Credit Programs & Courses

Are you still in high school?

Are you interested starting a Trade?

Or taking a first year course at VIU ?

In partnership with your School District 47, Vancouver Island University (VIU) is offering you exciting opportunities in our Dual Credit program.

  • Take a few university courses- tuition free and get dual credits!

  • Get your certification in a Trades Foundation/Level 1 program or a Health and Human Services certificate program-at a big reduction in tuition and get dual credits!

See Courses and Programs for more information.

What does Dual Credit mean?

Our Dual Credit program allows you to earn course credits towards your high school graduation! You can collect high school and post-secondary course credits in either a Vancouver Island University Certificate program or in a Vancouver Island University course.

The following Trades Programs are available for Dual Credit:

Trades Programs

Looking for more information on the Trades?

Interested in a tuition free course in the Academics?

Contact Tanya.Larkin@sd47.bc.ca ( 604-208-6466) 

If you are interested in starting a tuition free Trade program or taking a tuition free course in 2022/2023 at VIU

  • Talk to your parents.
  • Meet with your Brooks Secondary School Career Education Coordinators, Jim Palm (604-483-3171 ) Trades or  Tanya.Larkin@sd47.bc.ca ( 604-208-6466) for academic courses for more information/to apply!
  • For general information, contact VIU's Dual Credit Coordinator, Tanya.Lanigan@viu.ca, 250 618 3820

Plan ahead. Take advantage of Dual Credit opportunities at VIU and start your career, start your Post Secondary education early!