CE Course Description

Community Education and Training

FoodSafe Level 1

This course is a must for kitchen staff and dining room attendants but worthwhile for anyone who handles food. You will learn about illnesses, personal hygiene and health, serving food, food protection and preparation, receiving and storing food safely, and ware washing and storage methods. Students must attend all class hours.

Textbook and certificate are included in the cost of tuition. Certificate issued by Vancouver Coastal Health.

QFOO 001 F22R70            Instructor: Michael Nguyen

1 session

Sat, Oct 22; 9 am–4 pm

$99 + $30 lab fee

Pre-registration required by: Fri, Oct 7, 2022

ICBC Certified Air Brakes Course

This course is designed to prepare students for the on-highway air brake endorsement (Code 15). It is also required if you want to drive an RV, small truck, or bus with air brakes. The primary purpose of the course is to build, demonstrate, and test a modern air brake system, giving students an interactive experience and clear understanding of how the system works with the audio and visual aid of a fully-functional air brake board. You will learn the benefits and safety measures air brakes provide for heavy vehicles. This course includes eight (8) hours of theory, four (4) hours of practical training, and a pre-trip vehicle inspection. Prerequisite: A valid BC driver’s license (minimum "N"). If you want to pre-read, you should pick up the "Driving Commercial Vehicles" Manual from any ICBC or local driver's license office and skim chapters 8 and 9.

Please note:

  • Successful participants will be required to pass a written exam, taken at the driver’s licensing office, and qualify on the practical Air Brake Pre-Trip exam, conducted on site on the last day of the course.
  • The ICBC exam must be written within 90 days of course completion, resulting in Air-Brake Endorsement on your current class of license. 
  • The ICBC exam fee is not included in the price of the course.

QAIR 002 F22R70              Instructor: 1st Class Driving School

2 sessions. Fri and Sat, Oct 28 and 29

Fri, Oct 28; 6–10 pm

Sat, Oct 29; 8 am–4 pm

$490 + GST

BEC Concepts - Forest Plant Systems NEW

In BEC (Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification system), the ecosystem is defined as the interactions between climate and soil that determine the vegetation potential on a site. The basis of the BEC system is a climax forest of tree species that cause new growth responding to the regional climate and weather. 

This course is an opportunity for participants to engage in a practical understanding of local forest vegetation. This might be a new way to reconsider our current opinions about the use and purpose of the forest. Taking products from the forests for purposes such as construction has led to public discussion about the role and use of our existing forests.

By looking closely at the local forest zones and climate impact on vegetation, BEC offers another way to understand the management of forests from both a use and purpose point of view. Stephen will employ the experience gained in his forestry career to encourage a wider range of conversation about vascular plants, bryophytes, shrubs, ferns, and other local species found in three coastal BEC sub-zones (Coastal Douglas-fir moist maritime (CDFmm), Coastal Western Hemlock very dry (CWHxm1), and Coastal Western Hemlock dry maritime (CWHdm)), which are the zones in our local area.

Please note: This course will use a partnered learning approach. All data exchanged will be directed at 8-10 participants made up of 2-person sets. The study sets may be randomly determined or suggested by the participants as part of their initial registration. Also, as classes will be structured around hands-on outdoor activities, make sure that you bring hiking boots and all-weather clothing.

Additional Expenses: Please note that the instructor highly recommends that you buy (not only for this class but also as a future reference) the book Plants of Coastal British Columbia: Including Washington, Oregon & Alaska by Jim Pojar and Andy MacKinnon, Lone Pine Publishing. It can be purchased from an online book store such as Chapters Indigo or Amazon. List price $32 - $45 (price may vary by retailer). If you buy it, please bring it with you.

BECL 004 F22R70             Instructor: Stephen Drosdovech

4 sessions  

Thu, Oct 6 – 27; 4:30–6:30 pm

$125 + GST

Seats are limited

Introduction to Results Based Management (RBMs) NEW

This course will introduce students to the RBM methodology that is used to develop large multiyear projects. The methodology studied is used for international development but it can be used for all project development and is a useful tool for multiyear strategic planning for any organization. Students will learn about the logic model and how to create outcomes and outputs, activities, indicators, and a performance measurement framework. 

NOTE: Students should come to class with an idea for a project that they would like to explore using RBM methodology.

Rick Craig was Executive Director of the Justice Education Society for over 25 years. He was involved in creating hundreds of project proposals provincially, nationally, and internationally. These included many multimillion dollar, multi-year development projects in more than 15 countries.

IRBM 001 F22R70            Instructor: Rick Craig

6 sessions  

Wed, Oct 12 – Nov 16; 5–7 pm

$175 + GST

Seats are limited

Yoga for Healthy Movement NEW

The Yoga for Healthy Movement program welcomes people of all ages and experience levels. Each class will be a gentle practice, with a focus on deep relaxation, body awareness, and movement paired with the breath to support our natural range of motion. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

NOTE: Please bring a water bottle, a small blanket or towel, and a yoga mat. If you don't have a yoga mat one can be provided. Try to arrive 5 minutes early to give yourself enough time to set up. 

PYOG 001 F22R70            Instructor: Jessica Ellen

12 sessions  

Tue, Sep 27 – Dec 13; 10–11 am

$115 + GST

Seats are limited

Tools and Techniques of Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paint is an incredibly versatile medium with a wide variety of applications. This course is for those who wish to develop or improve their understanding of acrylic techniques whether in representational or more expressive styles. After discussing a variety of materials and their many uses, we will progress to painting exercises leading students on to their own paintings. Examples of the instructor's art and the work of other painters will be discussed. This is a hands-on, technique-driven exploration of the painting process by a teacher who can explain and demonstrate tight, controlled rendering as well as a broader, more painterly, approach. All subject matters are welcome but painters of the landscape will find this class particularly invaluable. Some painting experience is an asset. Please bring samples of your work/influences.

NOTE: Materials list will be available at registration.

ACRY 003 F22R70             Instructor: Rick Cepella

8 sessions

Wed, Oct 19 – Dec 7; 5–8 pm

$270 + GST

Drawing for All

This class is a good introduction or refresher for those at any level interested in drawing: the foundation of all the visual arts. We will discuss tools and techniques and explore line, tone and the elements of design and composition in this multi-evening, hands-on class. Come prepared to draw. NOTE: Materials list will be available at registration.

Additional Expenses: participants will be asked to pay a small fee towards renting a model.

DRAW 001 F22R70           Instructor: Rick Cepella

6 sessions

Mon, Oct 17 – Nov 21; 5–8 pm

$190 + GST

2-day Traffic Control Person (TC)P 

Be an important part of a construction team by training as a Traffic Control Person (TCP) to WorkSafe BC standards. Get the basic knowledge and skills required to perform traffic control for construction, maintenance and utility work in BC. To date, this is the only approved TCP training course for all roads in BC. Bring 6-inch-high CSA-approved steel-toed boots and all-weather clothing. All other safety equipment, manuals and materials supplied. Certificate issued by BC Construction Safety Alliance.

QFLG 003 F22R70            Instructor: Liz West

2 sessions

Thu & Fri, Oct 13 & 14; 8 am–4 pm