Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, which you can begin at our tiwšɛmawtxʷ campus, provides a sound preparation for both employment and further education.

Some careers where a BA is useful or necessary are: publishing, public relations, business, ESL and adult education, public administration, insurance and financial planning, city planning, communications, or working for non-profit organizations. Employers frequently list a degree as an entry-level requirement, without reference to its specific focus.

Depending on your major, a BA degree could also lead to postgraduate study (masters and doctoral programs) or to post-degree programs in elementary or secondary education. In addition, specific training for some careers, such as law, architecture, and library science, generally doesn't start until after a BA has been completed in one of many disciplines.

Our first- and second-year offerings allow you to explore a number of different disciplines, gather credits for required and elective courses, and keep your options open as you begin your academic journey. Whether you continue on to complete your BA, which employers consistently report produces better-performing employees, or use our courses as the beginning point for moving into the study of social work, nursing, medicine, or something else, you are starting down a promising path.

Statistics continue to show that people with university degrees tend to have better chances of getting satisfying and well-paid employment. Just ask around: you will be surprised by the variety of careers people with BAs have.