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Adventure Tourism and Recreation Desolation Sound - Powell River

Certificate Program

Program Length:  12 months
Credential:  Certificate

The Program

Imagine kayaking amongst the bays and coves of Desolation Sound, encountering humpback whales, sea lions or orcas, or enjoying mossy rainforests and wildlife while exploring the Sunshine Coast Trail that stretches 180 km.  This is some of what the Adventure Tourism and Recreation program in Powell River/Lund have to offer.

The curriculum of this one-year certificate is designed to train individuals wishing to enter the adventure tourism and recreation field.

The program includes a historical and philosophical overview of leisure, recreation and adventure tourism, and examination of the relationship between natural resources, Indigenous culture, and the development of sustainable tourism and recreation opportunities.  Also included in the program are studies of successful leadership in coast eco-adventure tourism, the planning and delivery of environmental, coastal and cultural interpretation, and programming for adventure tourism and recreation.  In addition, the field and internship components prepare students for assistant level guiding in marine and land environments.

Approximately 50% of the program will be spent in actual “hands-on” training in the field.  Of the 30 course credits, 15 credits are primarily academic foundation courses.  The remaining 15 credits are off-campus courses combining intensive field skills with an internship work-study experience in the adventure tourism and recreation industry.

Industry Certifications

Examples of industry certificates:

  • Paddle Canada Certification: Paddleboarding Essentials and Advanced
  • VHF Restricted Radio Operator Certificate
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Paddle Canada: Sea Kayak Level 1 and Level 2
  • Field Leader (Hiking) Outdoor Council of Canada Certification
  • Paddle Canada: Introductory Canoe

Program Outline

 Fall Semester


 TOUR 100   Introduction to Recreation and Tourism


TOUR 159  Environmental Stewardship in Recreation and Tourism


 TOUR 161  Leadership in Recreation and Tourism


 TRMT 104  Adventure Tourism & Recreation Field Skills – Part 1


 Spring Semester


 TOUR 207  Heritage Interpretation in Recreation and Tourism


 TOUR 252  Adventure Recreation and Tourism


 TRMT 104  Adventure Tourism & Recreation Field Skills - Part 2


 Spring /Intercession


 TRMT 110  Internship




Tuition (30 credits x $144.86 per credit)


Lab Fee


Student Activity fee (30 credits x $5.79 per credit)


Student Services fee (30 credits x $6.40 per credit)


VIU Students' Union fee (12 months x $19.12 per month)


Health and Dental Plan fee ($275 per year)





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International Certificate Fees:

Tuition (2 semesters x $7,620/semester)


Lab Fee


Ancillary Fee (2 semesters x $374.4 per semester)


VIU Students' Union fee (2 semesters x $76.48 per semester)


Health and Dental Plan fee ($275 per year)





International Students: Start your application

 *Note:  Fees listed do not include health and dental plan coverage, food, books, equipment or homestay or other accommodation.

For more information or help registering, please contact the tiwšɛmawtxʷ Campus at:

604.485.2878 or Toll Free 1.877.888.8890

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