Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an innovative campus of VIU providing excellent and unique educational opportunities in collaboration with the local community and consistent with the VIU institutional mission.

Vision Statement

We envision VIU at Powell River as a strong, visible, permanent, year-round campus offering quality programs relevant to community development initiatives. The campus will augment and expand its programs and services through developing a widely known core specialty drawing on our community strengths, to help maintain and enhance a vibrant and viable presence in the region.

The University’s Vision Statement builds upon the mandate for BC’s special purpose, teaching universities in the University’s own language, adding statements of purpose, values, a visionary goal, and specific objectives to guide the work of the institution.

Identifying Vancouver Island University's 'Niche' as a Teaching/Regional University in British Columbia:

Adjacent to the rugged coastline of the Salish Sea, Vancouver Island University is proud of its unique history and culture as a teaching university that:

  • welcomes and celebrates learners from local, regional and international communities, and non-traditional students, as the heart of the institution;
  • supports and celebrates student success;
  • provides high quality teaching, affordable high quality programs and multiple ways of knowing;
  • promotes campus communities offering small class sizes that encourage rewarding faculty/student engagement;
  • supports Aboriginal learners and connections to Aboriginal communities;
  • fosters a global awareness within the campus and external communities; and
  • promotes community engagement for students and faculty that fosters undergraduate and applied research.

The full document can be viewed here: Identifying Vancouver Island University's 'Niche' as a Teaching/Regional University in British Columbia