Frequently Asked Questions

Can you 100% guarantee that after 2 years of studies, students could get a 3 years’ work visa?
The agreement we have with Vancouver Island University is quite unique; it’s NOT a 1+1, it’s recognition of each other’s credentials – DUAL CREDENTIALS. After the students complete the two-year program, they will receive two diplomas (or, as we also say, two credentials), one of them from Eton College, and most importantly ….a Two-year Tourism studies diploma from Vancouver Island University (VIU) – they will use the VIU diploma to apply for a 3-year work permit, not the Eton College diploma. They will have the same opportunities as all other students from any university in British Columbia. Also remember that VIU is on the China list of approved Canadian schools.

Who issues the official Letter of Acceptance?
Vancouver Island University is issuing both the Conditional and the Official Letter of Acceptance, using their Designated Learning Institution Code. However, to promote the partnership, the logo of the three partners will appear on the Letterhead – VIU, Eton College, and School District 47 (SD47 is the administrator of this agreement). I have a sample of the Letterhead to show you when you visit our campus.

How big is your college?
Eton College was established in July 2003. Since then, we have witnessed the successful graduation of over 800 students. Private colleges such as Eton College are designed to be focused and dedicated to small groups of students. We have also partnered with universities, who share our goal of giving more individual attention to students, example: Vancouver Island University. At Eton you will not find classes of 300 students where the instructor does not know your name and does not care about your attendance.

How many international students in your college?
We maintain a ratio of approximately 25% international students at our Vancouver campus, and our Powell River campus has mainly international students from many different countries. They share the facilities of Vancouver Island University with local students.

How many classrooms in your college?
Eton College is considered a mid-size private college. We can accommodate up to 120 students per year in morning and afternoon classes in Vancouver. Our Powell River campus is much larger because it is located within the Vancouver Island University campus.  It can accommodate up to 300 students per year in classes of 30 each.

How old is your college?
Eton College was established in 2003 and Vancouver Island University was established in 1936.

Why do you think your school is better than others?

  • Our seals of approval speak for themselves:
    • Accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency since 2005
    • EQA designated (Education Quality Assurance)
    • BBB – Better Business Bureau rating of A+
    • Imagine Canada Brand
    • Canadian and International universities  have recognized and approved our curriculum: Hawaii Pacific University (Hawaii), Capilano University, Royal Roads University, Vancouver Island University, Glion (Switzerland)
  • There are not many schools in Canada specializing in Flight Attendant programs; we have been offering this program since 2005 and many of our graduates are happily employed as flight attendants
  • We don’t try to offer a variety of programs, (nursing, legal assistant, …etc). We chose to focus on our expertise…Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Flight Attendant
  • We dedicate our time and resources to the success of our students
  • We are fair and generous with our partners

Does your school help students find a job?
Yes, we do. We provide Career training workshops where students learn to prepare resumes and cover letter as well as practice going to job interviews;  we help organize work experience; we provide our Alumni with job leads; we support our Alumni with Lifelong Career Support (graduates can ask us for help with resumes and job leads for as long as they want).

Does the school help to find homestay/house to rent in Powell River?
Applicants will be provided with a list of homestay families as well as information about renting or buying apartments and houses in Powell River.

For the first year of the program in Powell River do students study in downtown Vancouver?
The entire program is offered in Powell River.

How long is the internship in the 2 years program?
450 hours

Is the internship a paid work experience?
It can be paid or unpaid; the importance for graduation purposes is to complete the required hours.  We will help you find an unpaid work experience but if you find paid employment we can count your hours towards your diploma completion.

How much is the rent in Powell River?
About $750 per month.

Is it easy to find a job in Powell River?
There is employment in Powell River and the school will assist you to find employment. Please remember that the province of British Columbia needs many tourism workers. Your diploma will enable you to work anywhere in British Columbia or in Canada.

Why Powell River?
Powell River is located on the Sunshine Coast (the west coast of British Columbia). As the name says it is a sunny location with a mild temperate climate year round. It is wonderful for nature lovers…ocean, mountains, hiking trails. It is safe and clean. It is less expensive to study and live in Powell River. There are great restaurants. It offers the possibility to complete a recognized Canadian university diploma without the hassle and bustle of a large expensive busy city.

Why do students need to pay the full amount of fee before the school starts?
In order to confirm your seat for the entire duration of the program, you need to make a significant financial commitment. Furthermore, in order to obtain a study permit you need to demonstrate to CIC that you have the financial means to study abroad.  Once your tuition fees are paid you only need to have funds for your living and entertainment needs. If you need a payment plan please contact your admissions representative.

Why is the agent commission less for the Powell River?
It is more than the commission for other programs we offer and more than what universities offer.

What is the English level for entering school?
IELTS 6.0 or equivalent – we administer an English Placement Assessment to help you identify your English proficiency level.

What is the minimum age for entering school?
18 years old.

How many students are in a class room?

How can student get to Vancouver from Powell River city?
By airplane – Pacific Coastal Airways (30 minutes)
By ferry and driving (about 5 hours) – this is very scenic and beautiful.

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