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Meet Our New Student Advisor and Counsellor

Tracy Tunstall

Tracy is a trained mental health counsellor with a background in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and substance use counselling. Tracy has experience working as a helper across a variety of community organizations, including work with vulnerable youth and adults. Outside work, Tracy loves to spend time with her partner, her family and friends, and her dog, Abby.

Prospective VIU students can meet with Tracy to explore their educational options and learn more about the programs VIU has to offer. Tracy is pleased to offer educational advising supports to VIU students as they set educational goals, choose career paths, and navigate student life. Tracy offers free counselling services to VIU students in distress or struggling, and supports faculty members who are concerned about their students. Tracy offers Disability Access Services for VIU students with documented permanent and temporary disabilities. Students and faculty are encouraged to connect with Tracy if they have any questions, suggestions, or service needs.

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