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Auto Shop - Billing & Warranty Information

young male working on automobile at VIU Powell River Campus Auto Shop


  • When picking up a vehicle, after servicing, payment is required in full using debit or credit card only.
  • Service fees may be charged.
  • Parts needed for vehicle servicing will be ordered from local parts stores. No used parts will be ordered or supplied by the VIU Auto shop.

Warranty Information

  • Like any other automotive repair facility, the VIU Auto shop occasionally fails to fully repair a vehicle.
  • As the work is performed by students in training, a nominal fee of $20.00 per hour will be charged. Note: we are not obligated to re-admit a vehicle to our shop because it was not fixed fully the first time.
  • However:
    • If the warrant request fits into our current program curriculum, we may "short list" you into that program. We will make every effort to accommodate you.
    • If the vehicle must be repaired immediately, you should have it repaired at your own cost at a commercial repair facility.

Good Work Assurance

  • All work is inspected by an instructor.
  • Any safety related work (brakes, steering, etc.) will be road tested by the student or students who worked on the vehicle, and an instructor or shop technician.
  • Your feedback helps us evaluate our students. Please let us know how we did while servicing your vehicle.