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Hairdressing - Apprenticeship

10 Month Certificate Program begins September 3, 2013

(No application deadline date, however apply early as space is limited)

This program uses the Pivot Point training system, which offers an educational program consisting of exclusive techniques of scientific hair designing. The program creates a positive environment with a comprehensive curriculum of superior quality.

The program covers all aspects of the trade in both theory and practical application of skills. Learning is accomplished through practical instruction and student participation with equipment, tools and materials normally used in the trade. Students quickly advance to performing services on clients in the program salon. Homework will take approximately 4 to 6 hours per week. Good attendance is mandatory.  Students are required to complete the following projects: Hair Colouring and Permanent Waving.

Classes in session 4 days per week. A minimum standing of 70% in both theory and practical skills is required to pass the program; personal assessments also form part of the student's evaluation.

Program topics include:

  • Professional develpment
  • People skills
  • Salon ecology
  • Trichology
  • Hair cutting (men and women)
  • Hair styling: wet, thermal and longhair
  • Design decisions
  • Permanent waving and chemical texturizing
  • Hair colouring
  • Salon business
  • Client services

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 17 years of age
  • Grade 12 or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years)
  • Successful completion of a Personal Profile

Recommendations for Admission

  • Criminal Record Check (approx. $22)
  • Good hand-eye coordination.
  • Physically fit and able to stand all day.
  • Normal colour vision, good depth perception, and ability to perceive line and form.
  • Volunteer work, work experience or experience in a hairdressing salon.

Program Outline

HAIR 125T - (Integrated Salon Experience)

HAIR 136T - (Theory I)

HAIR 137T - (Theory II)

HAIR 138T - (Theory III)

HAIR 141T - (Hair Shaping I)

HAIR 142T - (Hair Shaping II)

HAIR 143T - (Hair Shaping III)

HAIR 146T - (Hair Styling and Design I)

HAIR 147T - (Hair Styling and Design II)

HAIR 148T - (Hairstyling and Design III)

HAIR 156T - (Chemical Texturizing I)

HAIR 157T - (Chemical Texturizing II)

HAIR 158T - (Chemical Texturizing III)

HAIR 166T - (Hair Colouring I)

HAIR 167T - (Hair Colouring II)

HAIR 168T - (Hair Colouring III)

HAIR 176T - (Professional Development and Employability Skills I)

HAIR 177T - (Professional Development and Employability Skills II)

HAIR 178T - (Professional Development and Employability Skills III)

HAIR 186T - (Client Services I)

HAIR 187T - (Client Services II)

HAIR 188T - (Client Services III)

HAIR 196T - (Salon Business I)

HAIR 197T - (Salon Business II)

HAIR 198T - (Salon Business III)

Fees (subject to change)

Fee Type Cost
Student & Activity Fees
Application Fee

All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

*Dual Credit Students click here for information on fees.


Additional Expenses

Students are required to buy the following supplies, which the instructor will have available for purchase. The Supply Kit is purchased through a supplier.
Please note: these supplies are a necessity, and will not be given out without payment.

First Day:

  • Textbooks, approx $705
  • Supply Kit: approx $640

Third Week:

  • Smock and shoes, approx $100

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance may be available to students demonstrating financial need. This program is government student loan eligible. Applications for the academic year are available each May at any post-secondary institution, or on-line at

More information is available from an Advisor at Vancouver Island University.
Please call (604) 485-2878 to make an appointment.

How to Apply

*Dual Credit Students click here for information on how to apply for this program.

When the Registration Center confirms that you have been admitted, you will be advised when and how to register and pay for your program.

Career Opportunities

Prospects are very good, with 85% of graduates being hired within six months of graduation. For those prepared to relocate, job opportunities are even better. Salaries vary widely as they reflect individual talent.

Apprenticeship Information

After completing VIU's ten-month program and working in industry for one year, individuals may apply to the Apprenticeship board to write the Interprovincial licence.