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Workplace Essential Skills and Training Program

The program is specifically designed for students with developmental and cognitive disabilities and is designed to assist students' development with personal, interpersonal, and employment skills required to obtain and maintain employment. The overarching program goal is for the students to gain skills necessary to foster personal growth and independence.

Career Opportunities

Customer Service, Retail, Hospitality, Food Industry, Senior Care, and Child Care.

Admission Requirements

The program is designed for adults with special needs who are ready to commit to learning and enhancing their skills. Admission to the program requires the following requirements:

  • High school graduation or completion of certificate; or
  • Minimum 17 years of age and out of high school for at least one year.

In addition, students must also meet the following criteria:

  • Diagnosis or history that identifies a difficulty with learning or a documented disability.
  • Ability to attend classroom and practicum independently.
  • Demonstrate the skills to perform program related tasks with strength and endurance.

Notes on Admission

A criminal record check may be required for some modules. An interview will be required to ensure suitability for entrance into the program.

Courses Offered (dates & times TBA)

January 11, 2016 - April 15, 2016

Positive Attitudes in the Workplace

WPAW 001 - (Literacy for Life and Work 1)

WPAW 002 - (Health and the Workplace 2)

WPAW 003 - (Workplace Readiness 2 Practicum)

WPAW 004 - (Employment Readiness 1)

WPAW 005 - (You and Your Community 1)


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Lab Fee

Society & Activity Fees

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*Fees (subject to change)

How to Apply

For more information please contact at 604-485-2878.